Sleepover Songs

by Margarine

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We slept for 13 months, and when we woke up we found these songs. If they're yours, you can come pick them up. The key is under the doormat.


released July 30, 2016

Margarine is:

Ryan Accardi - bass, vocals
Alasdair MacKenzie - drums, vocals
Matthew Okun - guitar, vocals
Charles Winston - keyboard, vocals


Cooper Evans (keyboard) on "Luciana";
Lachlan MacKenzie (backing vocals) on "Ease Your Mind, Rest Your Eyes"

written, arranged, and produced by Margarine
recorded & mixed by Alasdair MacKenzie
created at Downstairs Records Studios A & G

cover picture by Natalie Andrews

thanks to our parents, our friends, and anyone else who has given us encouragement!



all rights reserved


Margarine Boston, Massachusetts

We are a Boston-area band that plays original psychedelic, alternative, melodic, occasionally jazz- or folk-tinged rock. We also play covers of songs by our favorite artists, who include the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Fleet Foxes, and Animal Collective. Three of us are college freshmen and one of us is a high school senior.

Thanks to Jack Beal and Julia Levine for our banner and profile photos!
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Track Name: Our Canvas Love
Paint the growing gap
That erases us
Trace another map
Carve another bus

Why can't we draw
Something that will take us far
A portrait that will never mar
Our canvas love

Scribe the distant doubt
That corrects our path
Scrawl another drought
Scribble one that lasts

Why can't we write
Something that will hide the light
A story that will never slight
Our canvas love

Why can't we draw
Something that will take us far
A portrait that will never mar
Our canvas love
Track Name: Don't Want To Stay
Don't want to stay down moving slow where I lie
Words left to say, never want to know
Gotta look around, different things to try

Roll along the empty highway; tell myself the change is for the best
Try to make the leaving easy; grin right now, and time can do the rest

Soft in the brain, thoughts of you haunt all my days
I can't explain what it is I want
But I think I know if I clear the haze

Disarrayed and undecided, never knew it hurt this way to run
Now I know the way I'm feeling; hope our golden hour isn't done

So sorry, don't know what or why
Can't even stand on the ground
Come help me, give another try
Don't want to keep falling down
Track Name: Rosemary
Each time she wanders through the garden in my head
Hesitation holds my impulse
But when the gate is closed the other, she frowns
And I can see her breaking dimples

Rosemary can wait till next year
The June fairy will walk right out your life
And if you can handle all the tremors in your near sighted heart
Save the distance for Rosemary's part

Late night I laid up with a pain behind my eyes
Couldn't find my easy breathing
I see her shadow waiting there just before me
But can I turn my eyes to ground that's leaving

Rosemary can wait till next year
The June fairy will walk right out your life
And if you can handle all the tremors in your near sighted heart
Save the distance for Rosemary's part
Track Name: The Point
Where's the point you let on about
When we were starting off?
I can't help but think we've passed it

And I can't even see my self
Without you to steer my mind
And to tell me why we can't

I'd lie on the floor with my eyes all clear
Just to see you there
And receive you're judging stare
Cause if something was there, I know that

I'd be around your case just to wait
Until you tell me to go or that I should stay

What's there that you can't seem to find right here?
Is there something that I
Could have done to convince you why
But at this point, there's barely time to think

There's nothing wrong with taking time
And all this saying that it's fine

Where's the point you never talked about
When we were starting off
Are you sure we haven't passed it
Track Name: Fit Birds
Birds float through my window
Birds fall through my door
Watching feathers floating
Never flown before
The fall says my name is yours too

Blessing on my forehead
Bleeding on the ledge
I found you, my keeper
Slashing at the hedge
I'd like to go to sleep

Anywhere you are I can hear the sound
Of you starting
Anytime at all
You're beating me

Finding you settled across bridges
Hiding your eyes from the soft morning
Obscuring your feeling, your senses are subtly drowned
Track Name: See You
I want to see you
When you can't look at me
Pale, faded reason
Dark eyes unfree

I feel the breathing
I see the halo hair
Might get surprising
The way you feel there

Don't do a thing, I'll do it for you
Just want to be the one you like
Don't turn away, don't leave me hanging
Defenses down till we're alike

I think you notice
The tilted, bursting smile
You see me closely
Got me on file

I'm feeling dizzy
The capillary swell
Gives me a feeling
That I don't know well

You're gone away, you'll see the future
When you get back, I'll still be here
Lift up your face, dry all the raindrops
There's nothing wrong with feeling fear

Somewhere closer, facing everything
Rolling over, we're in a different place

I want to see you
When you can't look at me
You see me closely
Dark eyes unfree

I'm feeling dizzy
I see the halo hair
Gives me a feeling
The way you feel there

Somewhere closer, facing everything
Rolling over, we're in a different place
Track Name: Bear
Oh my bear
Drowning in air
Fill my eyes with doubt

Oh my fox
Lurking the docks
What's it all about?

Oh my bird
Don't say a word
Till you learn to shout

Oh my bear
Why do I share
Countless, stilted names?

Oh my person
How could it worsen
More than our shared shame?

And when you roar
You are much more than
Hollow metaphor

Oh it's true
I don't own you
Why would I want to?

Concaving shrieks and sighs
Collapsing sound
Track Name: Amelia Harding
Amelia Harding, I love you, girl
I love the way you go walking by
Amelia Harding, oh

Why don't you kiss me, I tell you, girl
I bet you'd like it if you'd just try
Amelia Harding, oh

If I go with you, would you guide me?
Can I wash in the lily chalice gaze?
Cause a single look, it would tide me
And I know that I'm in the deepest phase with you

Amelia Harding, you got me now
I know I'd do anything you said
Amelia Harding, oh

I've seen the sunset, I've known a girl
I'd leave her waiting for you instead
Amelia Harding, oh

When I'm all alone, will you find me?
Will you wait when the nature walkers leave?
Cause my thoughts of you wouldn't bind me
If I knew you would never make me grieve again

Amelia Harding oh

Light me
Say that you'll be my lifter 
Easy to dream of the day
So ring on my bell
I'm around

Amelia Harding, I've laid it out
I hope you're thinking like I suggest
Track Name: Glass Fields
Impressions of the mist over fields made of glass
Strum your lost tune on these twigs of my head

Wait until the morning, greet the dust
Shifting through the suburbs, shampoo musk
Wait until the forest, eats us whole
Hoping that we never, leave this stroll
Track Name: Luciana
Oh Luciana, I know
I want to know you
And to feel your light

Oh Luciana, I want
For you to tell me
When you’re not alright

Well I’m lonely for now,
Tonight’s last sound
It’s alright, take down
Your walls, which were failure bound

Oh Luciana, I can’t
Even imagine
If the look arrives

But if i think of all the
Deceptive daydreams,
I’ll feel less alive

Can you see it at all?
The silence fall
Every time, so small
Outside, in a playground crawl

I know, keep track
Move slow, wave back
Track Name: Ease Your Mind, Rest Your Eyes
Silence holds the night till dawn,
Shadows walk when daylight's gone
But ease your mind and rest your eyes

Darkness waits beyond our view,
But nothing there can threaten you
Rain and wind will pass us by
Ease your mind and rest your eyes

Drift through the dark
The sun is waiting
Until a spark

Close your eyes to flashing light
Hard to sleep in blinding white
Lay back down, don't look outside
Always somewhere you can hide

The land is still
The sky is shining
Give up your will

Morning rays will cross the sky
Rest your mind and ease your eye

Never pain, burning rain
Touch this lovely midnight cry

So goodnight, with easy sigh
So goodnight, with lullaby